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Prozac For Sale, Great interactive installation, by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez at The Selfridges store in London. The project, buy Prozac without prescription, Canada, mexico, india, entitled Apifera, looked at the role of the shop window as a part of architecture that functions to attract people noting similarities to the function of flowers within plants, cheap Prozac no rx. Prozac long term, The Apifera is a responsive window that takes inspiration from the science of attraction developed in flowers, hence the complex fractal geometry and its ability to respond and change its breathing rate according to the daylight and passers-by.  The program runs on an Arduino and the movement is created with an array of computer fans.

The window will remain on Duke St until the end of October 2008, where can i cheapest Prozac online. Prozac price, coupon, Window concept, electronics and programming by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Prozac online cod, About Prozac, production by MP-F, Rebecca Lucraft (who did the papercraft), buy Prozac from mexico, Prozac canada, mexico, india, and Nicholas P-F.

website here


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Polygon Playground by Whitevoid


The "Polygon Playground" is a large scale interactive lounge object. It offers room for up to 40 persons at a time to walk, sit and explore its multifaceted surfaces. Gradient ramps guide to the top plateau or offer space to sit and rest. The installation features a software aided 3D surface projection system to cover the object with a seamless 360 degree projection mapping. An additional sensory system detects peoples positions and proximity.


The visual appearance of the "Polygon Playground" changes continously with the presence, movements and touches of its visitors. The object detects the positions and directions of people and reacts with evolving visual moods and graphic styles. The hardware and software system of the "Polygon Playground" can be applied to virtually any 3D body to turn it into an interactive object. website here No Comments »

Flare Facade by Whitevoid

  FLARE is a modular system to create a dynamic hull for facades or any building or wall surface. The FLARE system consists of a number of tiltable metal flake bodies supplemented by individually controllable pneumatic cylinders. Due to the developed pattern, an infinite array of flakes can be mounted on any building or wall surface in a modular system of multiplied FLARE units. see website here see video here No Comments »

VisBox X3 by Visbox

  VisBox-X3 modules can be arranged in a variety of surround screen configurations, including a flat wall, a faceted theater, or an immersive room. A front-projected floor module is also available for increased immersion.

VisBox-X3 configurations

In addition to being reconfigurable, a system made up of VisBox-X3 modules is easily expandable. Additional units can be purchased and added to the system as needed. Website here No Comments »

Self Constructing Chair by Max Dean

  robotchair.jpgMax Dean, Raffaello D'Andrea, and Matt Donovan have created a chair that has the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct itself. The robot chair can fall apart spontaneously, and then drag itself across the floor and reassemble.


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Implant Matrix by Phillip Beesley


beesley.jpgImplant Matrix is an interactive geotextile that could be used for reinforcing landscapes and buildings of the future. A network of mechanisms reacts to human occupants as erotic prey. The structure responds to human presence with subtle grasping and sucking motions, ingesting organic materials and incorporating them into a new hybrid entity.

Implant Matrix is composed of interlinking filtering 'pore' within a lightweight structural system. Primitive interactive systems employ capacitance sensors, shape-memory alloy wire actuators and distributed microprocessors. The matrix is fabricated by laser cutting direct from digital models. Implant Matrix was installed at the InterAccess Media Arts Centre in Toronto.

More information here

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CCSL Self Replication Robots

  lipson.jpgHod Lipson at the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab created intelligent robotic modules that have the ability to recreate themselves. This system was designed so that the number of modules could grow thus making it possible for the system as a whole to have more variation at a larger scale. These robots were made using 3d printing technology compounded with individual microprocessors. Self-similar modules have the ability to wirelessly connect and reconnect through electro-magnetic male-female connections. Interesting text from the author: Contrary to previously held views that self-replication is a property that a system either has or has not ("you can't be half pregnant"), our theory suggests that it is actually a continuum, where different systems can self-reproduce to different extents. The extent to which a system is self replicating depends on things like how fast does it self replicate, how accurately does it self replicate, how dependent is it on its environment to self replicate, how complex are its building blocks, how complex it is itself, etc. etc. For example, crystals self replicate, but only in a solution; rabbits self-replicate - less accurately and more slowly than a crystal - but they are less dependent on having a specific environment.” More Images Video Links found here. No Comments »

Mtran 2 and 3 by DSDRG



The Distributed System Design Research Group began experimenting with different generations of the MTran 2 robots in the hopes of creating a system of self similar robotic modules that would have the ability to change their geometry to accomplish goals. Rapid prototyping, particularly involving the fabrication of electronic parts and a laser cut plastics allow for modules to be inexpensively and quickly manufactured. Much of the logic behind this system mimmicks animal body typology and locomotion. But this system based on its geometry has the ability to nest creating solid objects, limiting gaps between objects. Self-similar modules have the ability to wirelessly connect and reconnect through physical male-female connections.


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